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Rom translations on GitHub

Swedish Rom Translations For fun, and no profit. Check out the GitHub archive here. What’s this then? A […]

Signal and Skype

This is actually quite exciting! The greatest-app-nobodys-ever-heard-of called Signal (formerly known as TextSecure) is a fantastic little piece […]

Microserfs book cover

Book review: Microserfs

A highly recommended read for anyone with an interest in tech, computers, the internet, Silicon Valley, and possibly […]

Stjärnklart book cover

Book review: Stjärnklart

I published a small review of Lars Wilderäng’s Stjärnklart, the first book in this series. While it was […]

Binary clock prototype from behind

Binary Clock Prototype

Building a binary clock Background A couple of years ago I wanted to try out some iot-related stuff. […]

Eric Voskuil

Before Mario

Before Mario? I just ordered the new book called Before Mario (the author can be found here) and […]

Back in the saddle

It’s about time I started writing again! I have been on and off the writing train for so […]